In today’s world, websites come almost hand in hand with businesses. One sure-fire way to get your brand, image and company name out there is to create your own section of the world wide web to showcase what you can do, and what your company aims to achieve.

When taking your first steps toward building internet presence, social media and websites are the main ports of call. And whilst social media can provide an excellent beginning, be that on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, what you can edit and customise as far as design and branding is concerned is limited. Elements of information are confined into specific areas of the preformatted design of the webpage, and in cases such as Twitter, you are limited to what you can present content wise in the form of word counts. This leaves information and showcase worthy work completely left out and on the sidelines, and restricts what you can show your audience – With this in mind, say you provide 7 services, but your site of choice allots only 4 boxes for your services’ descriptions, information and images. How do you show your audience that you are skilled in, and that you do in fact accommodate the other 3 services?

Most people would look to squeezing in information and combining multiple services into one, but this can sometimes result in information being omitted and descriptions not matching the high quality services that your business wants to cater to.

Using a website as a central base of your online operations, that encapsulate your services and brand persona takes that problem out of the equation. It is you who decides where and how you showcase your services, and what information and images you want to show for each.

Your website can further serve as an area where you can send potential viewers and interested parties after they have discovered your Facebook page or Twitter profile so that they can decide on their need of service – or alternatively, send them to those profiles to give the option for constant streams of updates and reminders of your business. Giving links to everything YOU on the world wide web keeps visitors learning and discovering your business and what you are about. Being able to drive traffic from your social media pages and onto a complete set of well designed and brand-consistent webpages that provide information, testimonials, and contact details that further builds trust and opens doors to interactions with the curious.

So, with this in mind, more and more people are looking toward acquiring their own website. The ability to have complete control over how your brand is presented and what information will be provided at specific points in a potential customer’s journey, is an excellent incentive to stray from the nest of predefined pages, and onto your own browser based home.

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