Top 5 Ways To Improve Your Online Presence

The acquisition of new customers and introductions to new suppliers and business partners is critical to company success and growth. By taking the time to create and develop your company’s online presence, you can create an impressive virtual hub that provides your business with new contacts from around the globe.

Your online presence is basically any way in which a person can discover information on your business via a search. This could mean your website, social media platforms and directories, among other things. When creating an online presence, or boosting your current one, it can be difficult to know where to start or what to focus on; below, I have listed our top 5 ways to improve your online presence.


Whilst maybe not an ‘online presence’ by definition, email campaigns are a surefire way of improving your reach to people via the web. Not sure where to start? Local companies are always a great place. Not only can you offer them a great service or product, but you can offer it from local sources!
There’s no right or wrong way to execute an campaign. Want to send a pretty, artistic rendition of your offers? Go for it! Let that creativity flow. Alternatively, thinking of providing a professional, clean cut portrayal of your business? You can do that too! Different things work for different businesses, and you should experiment with what works, and how you want your business to be portrayed. Even if you don’t get any responses at all, you can still know that you’ve made sure your local businesses have heard of you.


Directories are like online catalogs of businesses. They may not do much as far as promoting and providing the personal experience you’d like, but they definitely ensure that your business is listed as providing relevant services to their searchers. This in turn hopefully causes the searcher to check out your website, or give you a call for more information. The reason that this can be a great idea, is because your customers are searching for businesses like and including, you; instead of you having to find the people who need your services. I’m sure we’ve all heard of, and at some point used directories like Yell, 192 or The Phone Book, and found some hidden gems of businesses that you have kept going back to.


You knew it was coming! And I’m sure you’ve heard it all before! But social media is a great tool, especially for small and startup businesses. Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are platforms that we all have at least an account on one of them, even if we don’t use it much. They have the potential to allow you to communicate with a huge reach; one that wouldn’t be attainable if you didn’t use some form of social media. I don’t think people need to be told this though, I believe people fully understand how social media can be helpful, but rather, we need direction on how to do it properly. Now, I’m not going to give you a top 5 things to do to ensure you gain a thousand followers a minute, because that just isn’t how it works. As said before, different things work for different businesses. However, social media for business is all about impressions/views and interactions with your content, it’s not about getting customers instantly, it’s about making people aware of you. I’ll do a blog next week on this and give you a couple of tips on things that could help with improving your social reach, including a couple of things that have worked for us here at Blink Creative.

2. SEO (Search Engine Optimistaion)

Again, SEO isn’t a direct form of Social Presence, but not focusing on optimising your blogs, websites and social media posts to be found on the web, can be a major factor when pondering why your content may not be getting the attention that it deserves. There’s many ways to do this, ranging from the wording of your posts to HTML tags. Now, when trying to optimise, it’s good to keep in mind that it will be robots crawling your website in order to categorise and place in the rankings, not humans. What this means is whilst it’s great to have lovely, pretty pictures and images everywhere, robots don’t quite process the images like a human would, and so in order to make the crawlers understand, you must take them into account and place things like ‘Alt’ tags with the images – Alt tags provide a description of what your image is, which is what the robot will read. You can check how robots see your website and posts via tools you can find online or resources such as googles cache. As with the previous point on social media, there’s a lot of elements to this, and something that will be covered in a later blog


Your own, personal, online headquarters. It’s not difficult to see why your company’s online home would also house one of the best ways to improve your online presence. Your website is all about your business and/or your product, so taking the time to utilise it should be a priority. Efforts like writing updates and blogs posts directly to your website are all under your control – unlike posts you make to other platforms, which can also be lost under the barrage they get from other users. Not only is your website something you have full influence of, but you can edit and change every aspect of it as you wish, giving you an excellent method of testing innovative ideas, and giving you the full spectrum of possibilities and options to optimise. You would generally provide a link to your website when signing up for directories, and can also be back linked to, and display your social media pages and accounts, creating an interlinked community across each platform. I’d definitely recommend trying to implement any SEO tactics you learn into your website too, as it will improve your visibility online, and decrease your spend on advertising if you were to use services like Google AdWords.

In conclusion, the best way to improve your online presence would be to focus less on selling a product or service, and turn your attention to making yourself visible, especially when starting out. You’re trying to stand out from the world, not just your local high street. So show your personality, and ensure it’s a real one, that people will remember and want to do business with. If we were to go into detail on each one, this blog would be a thousand more words long, and even then we’d miss a couple of things, so in the coming weeks we will touch on them individually, and hopefully share some tips with each other along the way! These 5 methods are a great way to start, but different things work for different businesses – if there’s any other methods you think are an excellent way to extend your reach and improve your visibility, please do comment below, we would love to hear what works for you!