Search Engine Optimisation

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Search Engine Optimisation

Proven Results

Here at Blink Creative we regularly manage SEO accounts for all of our retained clients. These accounts have proven results of regular ranking improvements through thorough website optimisation and SEO work.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to push your website up the Google rankings with one of our exclusive SEO packages.

Search Engine Optimisation

No Black Hat Techniques

Here at Blink Creative we ensure all of our SEO techniques are approved and white hat. We strictly avoid using any black hat techniques as this will result in ranking penalties for your website.

Our SEO process includes writing fresh blog content for on and off site posting, website improvements, page speed improvements and much more. All of which are approved and white hat techniques.

Search Engine Optimisation

Approved SEO Process

Our SEO process combines all the best recommended SEO techniques for use on the world wide web. This means that all changes are thoroughly researched and proven to improve rankings for your website.

Our SEO process isn’t a secret. Nor is it some form of magic – we improve the ranking of your website online, and that’s all there is to it.

Search Engine Optimisation

Monthly Reports

If you decide to become one of our monthly SEO clients, we will provide you with a throrough SEO report at the end of each month.

This report is free of charge to SEO customers and will include your website score, ranking improvements, actions and improvements than need to be or have been made throughout the month.

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